Need Create Construct 2 plugin for

Hi. Need Create Construct 2 plugin for (it has a plug-in for Cordova) Who can help? Thank you

You can contact @cranberryga he develops Cordova Plugins for Construct 2.


Ok. Thank you, Andy.

Who (but not @cranberryga - I do not get a response from him) can create plug-ins for Construct 2?


I am contacting him.

Sang Ki Kwon

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@cranberryga Can I ask also for this plugin please?

I do not advise him to handle … he promised to make a plugin for 1 week … week I wrote it - silence … a week later, he wrote to me that he has better things to do … in the end I week lost time … I do not recommend anyone to work with him, it is not a serious man

:laughing: aha… I guess half of construct 2 users who use plugins knows about cranberrygame guy and half of them use his plugins… And you right, the guy always busy and take him long Long time to answer etc And his behavior is little bit strange/// But we still use his plugins :slight_smile:

As advice - try to find somebody on Scirra forum, maby in “Job Offers and Team Requests” topic
Or use other Construct2 forum for (you can ask for it on Russian community forum etc)