Need plugins (Heyzap, adChoices, Charboost) for Construct 2

Hi. You want to develop plug-ins for more than to construct 2 the cloud? It is necessary plugins Charboost that there had been no conflict with admob. It is also very necessary for the plug-in and for “heyzap”, “adhoise”. It is very important. Thanks for your work!


There shouldn’t be conflicts between the Cocoon Ad plugins, if you detect a conflict please let us know, send us a compilation log or a device log of the crash so we can fix them.

Regarding the Heyzap plugin, we would love to make plugins for all the third party services available but unfortunatly we don’t have time and we can only do it if you hire that service from us. If you are interesting in hiring us for a plugin development, please contact us in a private message so we can continue talking about it.

Thank you.