Need some help for Admob



I would like to add ads from admob, so I followed these steps :
Create a cordova project
Create android platform
Add : cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-admobpro
In my index.html file I load cordova.js and load this js code :

Then I zip my files and go to cocoon io :
create a project from zip, add plugins : admob native ads for android and compile for android.
I installed the apk on my device, the app runs good but the ads isn’t showing.

Did I forget something ?



Hi again,

I followed the AdMob documentation :
I add the line cordova.js and add on the onDeviceReady function :

var banner = Cocoon.Ad.AdMob.createBanner(“ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111”);

banner.on(“load”, function(){
console.log("Banner loaded " + banner.width, banner.height);;

And from cocoon io I added the plugin “AdMob native Ads for Android”
also on cocoon io, I activated Admob on Ads > Android > Admob

Then I compile on webview+ and open the apk on my device, the app run goods but the ads still not appear.

Can anybody help me please…

Thank you!


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