New C2 Cocoon Ads Plugin


It was nice that now the plugin has support Rewarded ads. But I want to ask this new parameter with you @Blue_Sialia,
how it works for admob? does it need any app id and the personalize ads consent? any new docs will be coming up soon?

also for the condition and action, it seems there isn’t any trigger for rewarded ads yet?


Oh wow. yes! they updated the plugin but darn the rewarded video doesnt have events or actions for it? Id really like to change to the rewarded videos for admob then using chartboost’s ones.
As for personalized ads consent it is a dialog that opens up when a user launches the app to show targetted ads or not. It i taken from the admob sdk so you will need your app ID which is in your admob portion


so we don’t need to make any design or function for asking them about the policy?


I’m not to sure. Currently I tried updating my app with the new plugin and cocoon 3.0 beta but i get a black screen so I cant test to see if a prompt is shown or you have to create your custom prompt somewhere.


But how do you put video Rewards with this plugin?


hic. They make a car with Nitro feature but don’t have button to press :joy:


my thoughts exactly lol and there is no way to put video rewards plugin till they add the events related to them lol


I hate it when you do things halfway


I am not using C2, but before the new admob plugin came out, I made a game with rewarded videos.
You just need to put the rewarded video ID in Interstitial ID field. Then you can use callbacks Load, Fail and Reward.


but can not you use both?


hey but the new cocoon plugin it works?


new update, but not committed yet, what update should it be?


Hmm im suprised there has been no word in the forums yet but I am still hopeful they are trying their best to launch with the updates


new commit for ads

new update for cocoon cloud sdk


did you try it? is webview+ fixed yet??


I’m not trying it yet, but I believe that there’s still an error, so I’ll just waiting until next year.

another update for Cocoon cloud SDK, but not committed yet


@Blue_Sialia just accepted my pull request for a minor bug fix in the plugin.
The problem of the build crashes is not the construct 2 plugin.
More the “Native Admob Ads for Android” plugin has some problems. It doesn’t find some dependencies.

I’m in contact with Blue_Sialia. Once I got any news, I’ll let you know!
Till that is fixed, you can use the older version by adding the “spec” tag, see below:

<plugin name="cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob" spec="1.0.12"/>


[SOLVED] fail Construct 2 with admob plugin
Could not find
Error when compile construct 2 project
Error when compile construct 2 project

I tried changing the spec the game is compiled now.
But its showing black screen.

I removed the cocoon ad plugin from my construct 2 project.
Then it compiled well and game is running fine.

It is showing black screen when i add cocoon ad plugin back in my construct 2 project.
weird thing is game is running in the background as i can hear the music of the game.

I checked in dev app.
Javascript Exception ( File: ‘cordova.js’ Tag: ‘script’):Error: cordova already defined.

Do you have any idea on this?



What version of the CocoonAds plugin have you installed?
I guess when it’s the latest one (for GDPR), the game crashes because it needs the latest version of the cordova-ads plugin.

I’m in contact with ludei about that matter. Hopefully the cordova plugin will be fixed soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Till now, you can try to install also the older Construct2 plugin for CocoonAds.
You can download an older version here


Yes it worked! Thanks Andy

If we submit games using old cocoon ads plugin for cocoon and construct 2.
It would be an issue regarding GDPR?

Any idea when can we expect the update of the plugins.