New C2 Cocoon Ads Plugin


Glad to hear that!
Well you can handle the GDPR on your own till the plugin is working.
Just ask for consent that the player agrees with your terms and your privacy policy.
It’s not 100%, but better than nothing I guess :wink:

I added a dialog showing on start. The player can either acceppt and play or close the game.




Thanks for the help


no more update since this one


hello I wanted to know how the cocoon plugin works on cordova cli? I still have the old cocoon plugin


any tutorial to how make admob work between stages correctly . i use construct 2 but when i use the plugin . first it give me a javascript error in preview . then in mobile the ads start show every time . not just between levels . and thank you for your efforts. and also with the old plugin the compile work fine in cocoon ? we must add admob plugin for android in cocoon ?


the js error in the browser preview is normal. You can avoid this by adding “On platform [Cordvoa]” before you using any Cocoon functions.

You can find templates here

I’m working on a new guide, however this needs the cloud compiler working first. I’ll keep you posted.



ok thank you brother i appreciate that :slight_smile: also i have a question. this plugin and standard construct 2 plugin are free completely or they take some % from ads ?


@Blue_Sialia no more update since last month?


If anyone following this forum topic knows how to use cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob for interstitial ads for a phaser 3 game, I would gladly pay you to help me. Anyone need extra money for Christmas gifts?


any new update guys still facing errors


Sadly to say, there isn’t any update from Cocoon since last one


this is beginning to be really sad that they have not updated a single dam thing nor have notified on any proper fixes. Been over 3months now since the update


I have unsuccessfully tried to monetize my app with AdMob for the last few weeks. I am beginning to feel that it is time to abandon Cocoon. Does anyone have experience with React Native?