No support (or anything else) from cocoon


you all have surely noticed the big lack of support, updates, news etc from cocoon team.

in the past cocoon offered a great service but now it brings more problems that it solves, always without explanation, response, or anything…

i encourage you to reply (give your name or pseudo) in the topic as a kind of petition, asking Cocoon team to do its work or to give our money back, cause it’s not tolerable this way



ok sorry seems i’m the only one having problems with cocoon… or maybe the last one to use it…?


Construct 2 users can not use version 2.2, but it seems they do not care …


Also ads plugin is a bit old. It does not allow child tag from admob. Seems like this service is goong down…

Help / How to contact you?

Yes, seems like it’s death proyect.


Place seems dead, developers hardly post anything or communicate anything at all.


Sadly I have no new information for you. Seems as ludei has abandoned their community a long time ago.


They are updating things . . . Be patient… should be alright by june / july…


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