Old SDK for GMA no longer supported on 1/23/18


Does this affect us using CocoonAds? What version of SDK are we using?

“Starting January 23, 2018, we will no longer be supporting Android and iOS Google Mobile Ads SDKs lower than version 7.0.0.”



Was just about to make a thread about this too. I noticed the cocoonads plugin hasnt been updated in a long time around a year or so. Will cocoon update with a new plugin?


Something tells me that the admob plugin will not be updated(


Admob plugin is not working with any new compilation process…


Sorry to hear new compilations are not working. Hope it gets fixed soon. I was referring to the fact that on 1/23/18, older SDKs below 7.0 will no longer work for Google Mobile Ads. Just trying to see how this effects us.


Yikes! This would be a big deal. Can someone in the know please reply?


I’d like to see some official word but when I looked up the release history of the GMA SDKs for Android and iOS version 7.0.0 was released early 2015, specifically March for Android.


I also did some digging through the history on github of the construct 2 plugin and the original atomic plugins it was based on. The first versions in the history seem to be from May / June 2015 so they were probably made based on a valid cordova plugin.

The current Cocoon plugin for AdMob is from early this year (versions 1.0.11 on 5/19/17). So even if the actual C2 plugin was written against an old version and missing functionality added later the plugin on the cocoon side could have been updated to use the correct SDK and just pass everything through correctly on it’s end. So I’d guess that this will work since I can’t find any sign of any .js code from before March '15 which would indicate a pre-7 version of the SDK being coded against and the fact that at any point the issue could be fixed purely on the compile side and not require new .js files for C2 as long as the old calls were handled.

Again though, my analysis could be wrong. The C2 plugin could have been written against an older version of the SDK then what was out at the time and all the changes to the cocoon plugin used for compiling made since might have been cosmetic changes and be using the old SDK still.

I’d like to see someone confirm officially what version of the SDK cocoon is compiling today.


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