Optimize your ASO - Release Notes Translation Service (Google Play Store)


Hi indie developers, :slight_smile:

if you already published an app to the Google Play Store you could be interested in the following.
To reach a better visibility in the store there are several app store optimization tips in the internet. Here I would like to show you a small free tool that can help you with one issue.

It is important that you update your app time by time. For example if you have developed new features or want to publish your app for an special event like halloween or christmas.
One task is to provide new “release notes” for your update.
Sometimes you can read release notes like: “We fixed a bug”
That message can’t help your app and your visibility in the stores!

So - what do to?

### 1. Step ###
Try to provide release notes with important information and keywords.
For example you want to made an halloween update for your game?

Halloween update of our spooky puzzle game!

  • 10 great halloween grafics like ghosts and bats
  • New mystery soundeffects
  • Dark theme with a graveyard background

### 2. Step ###
Provide your release notes in as many as possible languages. You don’t know why?
This is a simple point - if you do not provide the release notes in other languages the search of the Google Play Store can never find your app if the user entered for example “christmas” in his own native language.

### Problem ###
How to translate the release notes in 66 languages and provide it in the special google ‘xml-like’ format?**

### SOLUTION ###
We developed a small tool for translating and creating the release notes automatically!

That means:

  1. Your turn — Enter your release notes information in your favourite language
  2. Our turn — Automatically translate your release notes in up to 66 languages that are recommended in the Google PlayConsole.
  3. Our turn — We will provide the “xml-like” format that is required in the Google PlayConsole
  4. Your turn — Copy the formatted result to your app in the Google PlayConsole
Example result
<en-US>Example release notes content.</en-US>
<en-GB>Example release notes content.</en-GB>
<de-DE>Beispiel Inhalt der Versionshinweise.</de-DE>
<fr-FR>Exemple de contenu des notes de mise à jour.</fr-FR>
<hr>Primjer izdanja bilježi sadržaj.</hr>
<hi-IN>उदाहरण रिलीज नोट्स सामग्री।</hi-IN>
<es-ES>Ejemplo de contenido de notas de la versión.</es-ES>
<ru-RU>Пример содержимого заметок.</ru-RU>
  1. Finished! Saved a lot of time and get a better visibility of your app in the PlayStore.

You can try it here for free: http://translate.iwantanelephant.com

Here are some another explainations how the Release Notes Translation Tool can help you.

Video - Marketing

Video - How to use

If you have any questions or issues — feel free to ask :slight_smile: