Paid work - anyone with good experience?



We are startup that are launching soon, and want to convert our webapp to ios and andriod.
It’s works great with cocoon, but we need a bit of help on the way.

  1. Convert our webapp to an nativeapp.
    a. Note, we have tested ourselves through webview(only andriod) and we are satisfied with the results.
  2. Add plug-ins for notifications ios and andriod.
    a. We will take care of server-side, just tell us what you want.
    b. We need you to take care of these on client side.
  3. Add plug-ins for camera/files so the application can reach files for upload and taking photos.
  4. Show us how to sign and upload an app.

For number 2 we will take recommendatios, our server-side is PHP on Linux at Amazon.

Thank you in advance.


Nevermind, we will solve all this with


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