Please help me with ads in webview


This is my script in demo.js

var banner = Cocoon.Ad.AdMob.createBanner(“ca-app-pub-6970804331234424/3752943760”);
var interstitial = Cocoon.Ad.AdMob.createInterstitial(“ca-app-pub-6970804331234424/8598076334”);

var banner = Cocoon.Ad.AdMob.createBanner();

banner.on(“load”, function(){
console.log("Banner loaded " + banner.width, banner.height);

banner.on(“fail”, function(){
console.log(“Banner failed to load”);

banner.on(“show”, function(){
console.log(“Banner shown a modal content”);

banner.on(“dismiss”, function(){
console.log(“Banner dismissed the modal content”);

banner.on(“click”, function(){
console.log(“Banner clicked”);

var interstitial = Cocoon.Ad.AdMob.createInterstitial();

interstitial.on(“load”, function(){
console.log(“Interstitial loaded”);

interstitial.on(“fail”, function(){
console.log(“Interstitial failed”);

interstitial.on(“show”, function(){
console.log(“Interstitial shown”);

interstitial.on(“dismiss”, function(){
console.log(“Interstitial dismissed”);

I put in index.html this

<script type="text/javascript" src="cordova.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="js/demo.js"></script>
        function main() {
                // You application code
            document.addEventListener('deviceready', main, false);

but the ads doesnt show
Somebody can help me please?

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