Plugin dont compile anymore



since a few days , a lot of plugins don’t compile anymore , for example file-transfer gives an error during compilation, barcode scanner dosen’t work anymore etc…

i tried with older cocoon version but no solution…

what’s happening ? a lot of people are waiting for my compilation but i’m stuck in here…

tks by advance

  • Cocoon Version:

  • Basic description of the problem:
    plugin “file transfer” produce a compilation error, plugin “file” compiles but dozsn’t load/work : alert(cordova.file) return undefined instead of object

  • Device info:
    android 5/6

  • Steps will reproduce the problem:
    install file & file transfer plugin -> try to compile

  • Expected result:
    alert(cordova.file) -> object

  • Other information:
    compile and use of file plugins was working perfectly (without changes since) some weeks ago

  • Webview engine(s):

  • Used plugins (if relevant):
    “core” file & file transfer plugins


please fill out the template completely.



what’s the point ? no answer anyway…


This might sound crazy, but what are you using to zip your folder before dropping it into Cocoon?

Also, do you prefer using webview over canvas?


hello jook and thanks for your message, i use winrar… why ? you think it could be a problem ?

since last week the core plugin “file-transfer” has dissapeared without any warning/info… so i cannot test with another zipper if it comes from this… in fact i cannot do anything with cocoon from several weeks, it worries me a lot and with no support and no informations i’m looking for cocoon alternatives cause i can’t maintain a professional work with a non professional (but paid) service like cocoon. if you have any ideas ? tks by advance


Just making sure you weren’t using the Windows zip option as that throws an error. Don’t want double errors complicating troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

Looks like file-transfer is not under plugins, but saw these other options under Search. Perhaps they renamed it? Maybe try one of these other ones like, “Transfer2” (file-transfer2)?



thanks jook, yes i saw that plugin, i’ll try it and tell you how it goes… but why do they remove plugins without warning/mail/ alternatives… ? that sounds crazy !!! it’s really not reliable…


Yeah, it’s unfortunate it randomly changed. Hope the new filetransfer2 ends up working for you!


:frowning: neither transfer2 or file transfer2 plugin is compiling without error… i just wanted to modify a little text in my app and now nothing works anymore… so tiring and stressing… clients no happy… thanks ludei ! do you know how to contact them ? is there still anybody working or just leaving with our money ???


I’m a little worried too. I contacted because I purchased the Silver Plan but took a whole day for the settlement to go through with no access to Silver. It’s been 2 days now and I can’t even use Silver, even though I purchased it. Not sure what’s going to happen once the team is in the Office after thanksgiving break. Might ask for a refund.


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