Projects disapearing


I have a silver plan and in the past week every time I compile a project it disappears from the projects page.

When I try to recreate it i get a message that I have “reached the maximum number of projects”.

When I say it disappears I mean it is physically non-existing anymore, I can not see it anywhere, my projects page contains only 8 projects now (as I compiled two projects since the problem began), and there seems to be no way for me to create more.

Furthermore, cocoon tech support by e-mail or Facebook seems to be non-existent as thus far my complaints went completely ignored.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hello @johnnytal9, I made a similiar post last week, and thay replied yesterday

Basicaly we have to wait now


Thank you @Solobot_GameStudio, I appreciate it.

Whats bothering me even more than the horrible bug is that cocoon seems to be a business with no actual people, just a fancy API that was built, then left alone to rot.
I tried E-mail, Twitter, Forum, Facebook - both cocoon’s and ludei’s, 4 business days past, and still no acknowledgment in any platform from any cocoon’s person.


ha ha ha welcome to cocoon! Where you have to solve all your problems on your own. posting here is more like personal therapy to vent your frustrations. example:


Still not working, still no reply from cocoon “support team”.
I started to look for alternatives, Phonegap and xdk. It’s gonna cost me a few days of work which is kinda depressing but it seems is dead, and i still have to pay for two months :frowning:


Cocoon isn’t dead :wink: @Blue_Sialia is aware of this issue and they are working on a fix.
Once the bug has been found, an update will come.
Your projects aren’t lost, just invisible.

I tried Intel XDK a while ago. Cocoon is easier to use and has a better performance. However this is my personal opinon.
All my published games are built with cocoon :wink:

Yet you have a point. Staff replies from cocoon are rare, but you can be sure that they are aware of those issues and they are working on it currently!



Hi, I have the exact same situation. Yesterday we were compiling different changes and today the project we were working has disappeared. What can we do?

Looking forward for your reply,


at the moment we need to wait for @Blue_Sialia




? What does this mean? how long do we have to wait? why do we have to wait ? how long till i get the system back and working as it should?


Well I do not know more than you. I’m not an employee of ludei. So I only can tell you things I know.
And this is that @Blue_Sialia is working on it.
Every developer knows how time consuming it could be to find and fix a bug.
Therefor I can’t tell you when the bug is finaly found and fixed.

Sorry for that!



I moved to xdk, a bit more complicated but works really smooth once you get the gist of it.
Thanks everyone and good luck.


Thanks @johnnytal9 looking into it right now, clearly ludei has no support and that’s a must in this area.


Hello users,

We released a patch that brings back all of your projects.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences.


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