showKeyboard not working in the cocoon dev app

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    I am trying to run show the keyboard in a app running it as in the example … but nothing happens. Can anyone tell me if i am supposed to do something more to show the keyboard ?

    type: Cocoon.Dialog.keyboardType.TEXT,
    }, {
    insertText: function(inserted) {
    text += inserted;
    deleteBackward: function() {
    text = text.slice(0, text.length - 1);
    done: function() {
    console.log(“user clicked done key”);
    cancel: function() {
    console.log(“user dismissed keyboard”);

I am using it on ios 10.2

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Have the same problem, didn’t get ANY answer for almost a month… Can’t call keyboard on iOS

I’ve heared rumors that Cocoon support is dead


Its seems like that … I hope they are on a long vacation or something and this is not true … :slight_smile:


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