Shutting down Cocoon


just received this mail
So sad to read it :’(
We were planing so much new projects :’(

I know it should have be hard for the team so i wish you good luck guys


I know this would happen and I know Ashley is the cause of it

Why ?
It say they never been profitable :-/

Here’s hoping they release the source under an open license :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Hell, I would pay into any crowdfunding campaign to make that happen, Ludei please consider…


I just fond cocoon yesterday and I manage to get my game up and runing on my phone and I was so happy , I was planing to make a lot of project , this morning I receive an email about this shutting down … just why ? I’m searching all over the internet for some alternative and I found all of this crap about “phonegap” that does not work , the only thing I have now is to make it my self and I don’t know how , please don’t shut-down , I need Cocoon in my life
at least give as something like your service don’t just disappear :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

What does everyone think is the best Cocoon replacement?


I have tried Phone Gap, but seems more cumbersome. Monaca seems nicer but only three builds per day.

I am going to free route either way.

its just sad that this is happening. I will miss Cocoon.

For me, i m using pixi js. So i think cordova+crosswalk should be the best solution

I Will miss this useful tool :frowning:

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A really short span of time from the announcement “Shutdown” until the End of compile service. That hurts.:cold_face:

In hope to see a good Cocoon replacement incl. Canvas+ back in the Future

good luck to all :space_invader:



@build.cocoon cant use useless cocoon give use our KEYSTORE

Why should Ashley be the reason cocon is shutting down?
That’s absolutly not true.


Your APK complier is so easy to use… I’ll miss you Cocoon. :confounded:

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