[SOLVED] Cordova-plugin-file not installed


So I have cordova-plugin-file as a part of my plugins, and it’s also listed in the config.xml, but after compiling it’s neither found in the plugins directory of the app, or listed in cordova_plugins.js.

Is this a known issue, or is anyone else experiencing this with this plugin? All other plugins seem to work fine…


Could it be related to this error message that others are experiencing (“Error fetching data.js”):

Have you seen this thread: Black Screen on iOS (Construct 3 project) the op mentions ‘Cordova-plugin-file’ as not being read as well.


I think it’s something with the most recent version of the plugin itself. I just managed to get the plugin installed when I locked the version down to 4.3.3 in the config.xml.

Not having build logs in case of a successful build is hurting my progress though…


Hey @Str1ngS thanks for the info, can I ask why did u choose to set the version at 4.3.3 which is several versions back?


I compared the change log of the plugin (https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-file/blob/master/RELEASENOTES.md) with my last successful build with the plugin. Maybe 5.0.0 also works.


Hey has this problem really been solved? If yes, what did you do?


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