[Solved] Is Cocoon.Dialog deprecated?

Hey folks,

I’m trying to handle text input with Cocoon.Dialog.showKeyboard, but the keyboard doesn’t pop on iOS. It works as expected on the Android devices that I’ve tested. I tried Cocoon.Dialog.prompt, but it doesn’t work either.

Is Cocoon.Dialog still the right way to do this, or is it now deprecated? If it’s deprecated, what’s the new way to show the soft-keyboard?



No, it is not deprecated, it should work but aparently there is a bug with the iOS implemetation. We are working on it and will be back here when it’s solved.

Thanks for the report.

Awesome, thanks! Glad to hear that this should still work. Looking forward to the fix.


I am also interested in using this once it is fixed.

Any word on this? This bug is the only thing standing between me and release…

Guys…? Radio silence isn’t exactly comforting when trying to build a product around your tools.

Hi @continuities,

This problem got borrowed in the TO-DO list. But they commented me they are going to deliver this fix to the public this week, next week if something unexpected happens.

I’m sorry for the nonexistent feedback.

We’ll notify you when we get it working.

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Thanks @BlueSialia! Appreciate the update.

Hey @Blue_Siali. Any word on this fix?

Sorry for the delay @continuities,

We actually have the fix of this issue already implemented, but somebody forgot to release it. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your patience.

Edit: I forgot to be specific. It should be public in the next hour or so.

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@Blue_Siali I built a developer app this evening, and Cocoon.Dialog.showKeyboard still does not appear to be working on iOS. Was the fix deployed?

Yes, it is deployed with the version 1.3.0 of Cocoon.

But looks like somehow some projects aren’t using that version when set to “latest”. We are working on it.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

The command


does not work for me on iOS when compiled as a dev app with the “latest” Cocoon version.

Nor does it work when compiled explicitly with Cocoon version “1.3.0”.

And in both scenarios, the command

console.log('COCOON VERSION', Cocoon.version);

prints the following to the console:


Should Cocoon.version reflect the Cocoon version used to compile the app?

I already notified the person in charge of this. I’m waiting for his response.

Thank you for the feedback.

P.D.: That console log is an internal version of Cocoon. It’s not related to the one specified in the configuration of the project.

We got it working here. Would you mind to compile a DevApp and test it to confirm everything works fine?

This is a simple index.html to compile in the DevApp:


It works! Thanks for dealing with it, @Blue_Siali and team.

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I’m closing this thread then.