Sound Delay (Construct 2)


I’ve recently added sounds to my Construct 2 game and compiled it with Canvas+ on Android but noticed that the button sounds are delayed for about 0.3-0.5 seconds, unlike in browser preview where there is clearly no delay. My code has the sounds played when a button is released and I have tried to pre-load them both “manually” via script and using the project setting. This delay is constant and happens with other sounds too, even after they have been played once so it’s not like they are not properly loaded. I tested on 3 devices, a Samsung, a HTC and some obscure brand tablet but the delay is clearly there on all 3. I even tried compiling with Webview+ and got the same result.

Is there some work-around for this or is it a known issue? It’s a pity because delayed sounds make the game feel a bit laggy even though it’s running at 60 fps.


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