Splashscreen aspect fill bug on ios

  • Cocoon Version: latest

  • Basic description of the problem:
    hello, since a few days the splashscreen has a weird behaviour on ios (at least in portrait), it appears a few seconds (or less) in the correct format (aspect fill) and automatically change to “aspect fit” for the defined time in configuration, whatever i choose between aspect fit, aspect fill or fill… the only temporary solution i found is to put a strange format of png (instead of 2048x2048), a few weeks ago before the “icon and splashscreen problem” i never saw that… thanks by advance**

  • Device info:
    iphone 5c , ios 10.1.1

  • Steps will reproduce the problem: put a 2048x2048px splashscreen with aspect fill and run it

  • Expected result:
    get an aspect fill splashscreen, which i have for 1 sec before it’s turning to aspect fit

  • Error log

  • Testcase:

  • Webview engine(s): webview

  • Used plugins (if relevant): none

  • Framework/game engine (if relevant): none

Aspect Fill Not Working After Cocoon Splash

Same here, following the post :slight_smile:


… 7 days later… nothing changed… noboby answers… bug still here and my app still not compiled, not submitted, not inline… thaks so much for everything !


14 days later… no answer… no solution… is there anybody here ???


Purely inadmissible… i finish my project (if only i can) and run away from cocoon to another any place where there will be a minimal support, and not the mute,deaf and invisible man…


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