Sweet Candy Slide


I just have finished my latest game “Sweet Candy Slide”. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play.

Download (free)
iTunes: Sweet Candy Slide
Google Play: Sweet Candy Slide


  • Google Play Games / Game Center
  • Built with CocoonIO and CanvasPlus
  • Player unlocking and selection
  • Addictive game play
  • Sweet design and sounds

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome!

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It’s awesome. I love the graphics. Congrats and well done!


Thank you very much for your feedback, I’m glad that you like it :slight_smile:


Nice little game. But I can’t figure out how to proceed playing after the fail. I mean after the fail I have two options, restart game or push Video Coin Icon… So I was thought if I push Video button It will show me the video Ads and I will be returned to the same game, but it’s not happened :frowning: I tried few times, and after each video ads nothing was happen. So I have to start game from beginning.


Hi @Nagval33

It’s meant to start from the beginning. The video ad is for earning coins which you can spend at the shop. Each unlocked player gives you a score multiplicator. So if you have unlocked 3 players you will get triple points.
However your idea isn’t bad. So that you get a second chance for watching an ad at the game over screen. I consider this for the next update :slight_smile: thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


Ha :slight_smile: I thought it’s what you meaning… I saw in some casual games that kind of system - after you fail you get another chance to continue by whatching the ads (usualy you can use it once at game session, otherwiseit’s become corrupted)


Just a warning… King owns a trademark on the word “Candy” and does in fact go after games who use the word “Candy” in their names and have similar gameplay elements.


Thanks for letting me know, I’ll change that!

Thank you!

Edit: I checked their games and they are quite diffrent to mine. However I don’t want to risk it and will rename the game and change logos. Till that, the game is removed from the stores.

Thanks again for the advice.


You’re welcome! I didn’t mean to scare you off, but these big studios and publishers are serious about their IP. It’s always better to tread carefully at first instead of having to make changes to your game after having a base of dedicated users. And while you’re making the changes you may even have to pull the game from the store, potentially losing your audience. It’s just not worth the risk.