System Save, Load and local storage do not work after compile with to iOS (webview mode)


Problem Description
System Save, Load and local storage do not work after compile with to iOS (webview mode)
Attach a Capx
any system save/load operation … .capx?dl=0
Description of Capx
Blue sprite becomes red in 5 seconds. After that system save comes to action.
By pressing green sprite you can system load to the moment when blue sprite becomes red
Steps to Reproduce Bug

Step 1 - Export Project as Cordova (minify unchecked, WKWebView unchecked)
Step 2 - delete xml file
Step 3 - Achieve project and put to cloud
Step 4 - delete all plugins expect ios plugin (com.ludei.webviewplus.ios) in cocoon.oi
Step 5 - Compile project as native app with option webview+ to iOS
Step 6 - Download compiled achieve and open in XCODE
Step 7 - Export from XCODE as for Ad HOC Deployment
Step 8 - app.ipa file and copy it to i_tunes
Step 9 - Connect iOS device and install app on it
Step 10 - Run app and play until one of the save points.
Step 11 - Fully quit app and run from the begining
Step 12 - Load from the saved slot - data on slot fully lost

[] install Cocoon Dev on iOS device
] Run preview mode in in Construct 2
[*] Run Construct 2 game in Cocoon Dev with web view or webview+ mode

Observed Result
After app is fully quit (swiped off ) in iOS, local storage data are lost.
Load and Save work during app is not fully closed.
Expected Result
Use save load system function, store data into local storage
Affected Browsers
Chrome: NO
FireFox: NO
Internet Explorer: have not checked
Safary: NO
Gapphone - published as native app to iOS - NO - published as native app to iOS - YES with option webview and webview+ - published as native app to iOS - NO with option canvas+
Cocoon dev app - as preview -NO if run as canvas+
Cocoon dev app - as preview -YES if run as webview+ and webview

Operating System and Service Pack
OS X EL Capitan v. 10.11.5 (Construct 2 runs on virtualbox, Windows 10 64-bit )
Construct 2 Version ID r231 64-bit, same in r227(stable)

Local storage does not work when compiled to iOS using webview +
1 hr. ago my project still compile (project size only 3.4m) Upgrade to silver package but still fail!
(iOS) Webstorage or Localstorage not work on WebView+

Hi @karlykhanov.s

Thank you for your report, but your link to the capx file is broken.
Can you please re-submit the link to the test case?

Thank you!


HI Andy,

I’m sorry for link broken!

Please see link below,

Thank you,



Hi @karlykhanov.s

Thanks for the file. I was able to reproduce your issue. It works fine in Canvas+ but it doesn’t save the progress for WebView+. This is something @imanolm1 has to check.

Please try this zip file in the offical Cocoon Developer app for iOS.

It works fine while running in Canvas+, but it loses the savegame in WebView+

Reproduce the issue

  1. Run the zip file with WebView+ and wait till it saves (you got a message then)
  2. Close the app and start it again.
  3. Click on the green button to load it (before the other button gets violet which happens after 5 seconds when the save is triggered)
  4. you will get an error message then.

Try the same while running Canas+ and all works fine.

Thank you!



Hi @imanolm1,

Might you please advise if you have any updates on Webview+ and local storage?

At this moment it is not possible to use full power of Cocoon Webview+ mode.

Thank you,



Me too. My game is not saving/retrieving local data properly on iOS. I can’t publish my game till this gets fixed.

Any update @imanolm1 ? Please help.


The same here, any news?..


the performance on ios using webview+ is better than canves
Could you please fixed this problem?


I solved the problem…if anyone want to know how…please contact me at
I can’t tell you here because it against the rules…


Great to know. Why should it be against the rules to say how to fix an issue?



I have the same problem can we get estimate when this will be fixed because its really a show stopper?


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Issue seems to be still unfixed. @Blue_Sialia can you check it, please? You will find a test case in my post above.

Thank you!


Same issues as above. Android compiles and saves correctly but ios never saves to local storage no matter the changes to code.


Bump! No production project on IOS can use webview+ and local storage! This is a huge problem. Do we have an update yet?


@andoni.martin @imanolm1 can you check this bug? It’s a huge one…

Thank you!



This has been added since July and yet not one post back detailing how or when they are planning to do to fix this. This is unacceptable. If this were a feature request i would understand, but a bug dealing with saving any persistent data seems important.


Sorry but we have tried to reproduce the error using the zip file that @andy_reitberger shared but we can’t seem to reproduce the error. Connecting from Safari to the device Webview I only see succeed logs and everything seems to be working fine. If I wait till the big square goes pink, I can see in the console logs:

[Log] SaveGame: save triggered (c2runtime.js, line 15534)
[Log] Saved state to WebStorage (1144 bytes) (c2runtime.js, line 24)
[Log] SaveGame: save succeeded (c2runtime.js, line 15534)

If I click on the small green square while the big one is blue, I see:

[Log] SaveGame: load (c2runtime.js, line 15534)
[Log] Loaded state from WebStorage (1144 bytes) (c2runtime.js, line 24)
[Log] SaveGame: load succeeded (c2runtime.js, line 15534)

So when is the error supposed to show up?


Hi @imanolm1

did you use cocoon 2.0.0 or the beta?
Back then when I tried it, I used 2.0.0 and WebView+.
I’ll try it again back home.

Thank you!