System Save, Load and local storage do not work after compile with to iOS (webview mode)


Any updates? I have created a game in construct 2 and performance is poor in canvas +, in we view the performance is great but data does not save. Is there any alternate ways to upload a construct 2 game to iOS? Any work around for the problem?

@j.c.durf @andy_reitberger
Thanks Tom


Hi @burnticegames
Not as far as I know. I’m using CanvasPlus at the moment. Once WV is working again, I’ll switch back to it.
Maybe @Blue_Sialia has any ETA for us when this will be addressed?



I am not using c2 for my game or app. I have tested the plug-in on iOS and it’s working great. I only use the plug-in for iOS and still use local storage on android. It was pretty staight forward. The only catch was to get items for memory you have to use callbacks.


We are looking at this issue at the moment. I don’t have an ETA. I’ll try to make an estimation tomorrow.


Great to hear! Thanks @Blue_Sialia


Any update on this? You mentioned you might be able to get an ETA for a fix for this issue @Blue_Sialia , any luck?


There is a person assigned to this issue already, but he is unable to provide an ETA for the moment.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know when this will be fixed.


But it’s good to hear that somebody is working on it, thanks for the update!


Agreed, good to hear you guys are looking into it. Hopefully you can find the problem and resolve it.


Hi guys! Any update on this issue?

Does anyone happen to know an alternative way of saving for C2 users? :slight_smile:


For now, please use Canvas+. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!



My application uses firebase server to send and retrieve data between users so can’t use canvas+. I’m looking into alternatives to localstorage atm. :slight_smile:
Hopefully this will be fixed soon tho!!


If so, you still can use WebStorage.



@andy_reitberger Should Webstorage still work with webview+? When I try, it wont save data on IOS just like localstorage…


hi andy I just deleted all history and webdata from my safari app in my iphone and now localstorage seems to work again in webview+…


Yes Webstorage does work at the moment.
That’s strange. @Blue_Sialia any idea why this is associated with the safari app cache?



@andy_reitberger it wad becsuse I removed wkwebview localstorage worked! Sorry for the confusion!

but now my audio wont play properly. (sounds will but Music wont)

Its sad I have to choose between an awesome game but no save or a not as awesome game but save. :frowning:

Webstorage has the same issue as localstorage. Works without wkwebview but like i said the Music has issues without wkwrbview…