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So I am working on a concept thingie - it’s not a serious project yet.
Concept in a question is a “fast paced” HTML DOM platformer.
Right now, even on lowest CPU clocks (1GHz) and integrated gpu intel HD520 - tablet, it runs buttery smooth (FullHD, 20Hz DOM modification with 50ms GPU-accel css transitions to fill the animation gaps)

On the android on the other hand the performance was bad - without transitions the system Webview performed quite well(v63 making the game look pretty much 20FPS - or 30 when I increase the tick rate)… But the webview+ performance was really bad - like 5FPS bad + I spent some time trying to figure out, why webview+ wouldn’t work at all (to find out async functions aren’t supported yet in webview+).
Did new webkit (or is it blink?) versions make that much of a difference?

For a better imagination how would a html dom platformer look -
I am glad that everything works the same way on desktop and Android without code alterations, even gamepad mapping)

What is my point? The Webview+ is advertised as superior in the terms of performance, however at the current state (probably?), I haven’t seen such thing.

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