Triangle Spin : A Fun, Challenging, Minimalistic Arcade Game


Hello everyone… Check out this game - Triangle Spin on Google Play for Free…

The game is about a spinning Triangle. When user touches the screen the Triangle stops spinning and starts to move forward in the direction it was facing at the time of touch. By using this mechanism user has to avoid various Geometrical obstacles and collect Stars & mini-Triangles to make a great score…

Users can use the collected Stars as an In-Game-Currency to buy Triangles from the Triangle Shop. Each Triangle here is not only different in design but also different in features. Buying & choosing the right Triangle will help the user to complete the challenges more easily and make greater score.

The game has Google Play Services such as Leaderboard support as well as in-game Rating and Sharing system. The game contains Ads. Currently the game is made for Android, PC and Web. Ios version will be made in the future. Users can follow the game on various social medias with #TriangleSpin.

I really like this game… I think you will like it too… SO WHY DON’T YOU GIVE IT A TRY…???


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