Upgrade to the latest Cordova CLI 8.0.0


There was a time that Cocoon.IO was superior to conventional cordova builds. But now, it is way outdated and inferior.

I’ve made some tests and found out that Cocoon.IO’s Webview+ and Webview are now extremely inferior to Phonegap or Cordova CLI Build.
I haven’t tested Canvas+ but I bet the results will still not change anything to be comparable enough with these results. Especially since Canvas+ has DOM limitations.

Here are the comparison of my tests on Construct 3.

Cordova Build, Phonegap or C3 Build Service::

  • Webview Project APK Size: Approximately 500kb

Cocoon.IO Webview::

  • Webview Project APK Size : Approximately 4mb.

Cocoon.IO Webview+:

  • Webview Project APK Size : Approximately 20mb.

Using my Construct 3 Game Project :::

Cordova Build, Phonegap or C3 Build Service::

  • Webview Project APK Size : Approximately 65.9mb
  • Performance: 55 FPS

Cocoon.IO Webview+::

  • Webview+ Project APK Size : Approximately 89mb.
  • Performance: 22 FPS

Cordova Plugins and Build Improvements

There are also cordova plugin incompatibilities. A lot of cordova plugins are always updated to support the latest Cordova CLI. Because a lot of issues, bugs, leaks, lightening techniques, code refactoring and performance improvements are made on those Cordova CLI updates.

Support the latest Android and IOS versions

By supporting the latest Cordova CLI Version, Cocoon.IO can then support the latest Android version and IOS version.
And the users would be able to use the new features available with the new versions. For instance, setting the Android Target SDK to the recommended version.


I don’t really want to end my subscription. Some of the tools here are quite useful.

But the performance and size is intolerable. So, I still went with the Construct 3 Build Service which is similar to Phonegap that only uses the Webview build. Although, proven to be lightweight and amazingly performant. Although they don’t have tools which this Build Service have like the Automated Encryption, which is a time saver for those who don’t have time to design their own Customized Automated Encryption.

I highly recommend to update the Build Service to comply with the latest Cordova CLI Version 8.0.0.

If you can’t do this immediately with Webview+ or Canvas+. May I suggested, to at least implement it with the Webview build, which proves to be very performant and good enough on its own.

Thank you in advance for looking into this.

  • Chadori_RebornXD


@Blue_Sialia @imanolm1 YES … / … NO … anything ???


Cocoon team please. The lack of communication is insufferable and makes this product unusable. If it’s a funding issue be direct about or try a new subscription and I’m sure many will buy it. (And no, $500 to remove splash isn’t a great model). We desperately need more transparency.


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