User's music stops when game starts (reopened)



i need to “reopen” an old thread.

The user music on android (like google play music) pauses instantly when i just tap the game icon.

Someone have a solution for this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

App mutes user`s music on Android

I’m having the same problem


Someone have a solution for this?

Another “bug”: I used phaser and my ingame sounds (background music) starts for a second, interrupts and starts again from the beginning. Then it work as expected. This just happend on mobile devices. At browser it works without the interrupt.


Could someone help?

I repeatedly get the feedback that the users are not satisfied with stopping their own music.
Many gamers play a game in train or tram. There you listen to your own mucis, but if you start the app their music stops. Then you can minimize the app, start your music again and everything works…

Someone who have the same problem? You can test it at my app:


The user music on android (like google play music) pauses instantly when i just tap the game icon.

Problem is not fixed. Just happens in Canvas+.
Someone else with the same problem or a solution?

I tested some other games.
@verstal His apps works great. System sound is still running if i start his app.
Can you help me with that issue? You know about that problem and solved it?

@LuckyK Same problem at their “sky chasers” (great game :wink: ). No system sound after starting the app
@Nagval33 Same problem at “hero vs square”.
@andy_reitberger Same problem at your apps (Match3 - 2048)


I think it’s some kind of Canvas+ default settings. All audio media (audio players etc) was automatically paused when I start all my apps. After that I can click continue button on my player etc and the music/audio works fine together with running app. But yes it’s little bug…


That’s also my guess. @Blue_Sialia is there a way to solve this in the next Canvas update?

Thank you!



This hasn’t been addressed yet. But I added it to the milestone.


If i use Canvas+ - all work fine, but if i use webview or webview+ - i have this also this bug


I have the same problem in canvas+. What is the status on fixing this?


Have you tried the beta cocoon version “2.1.0” yet?
Does it work there?



Tried version 2.1.0. Did not work.


@Blue_Sialia added it to their milestones. So I guess this will be fixed with the next stable update.
I’m not sure if this is 2.1.0, but @Blue_Sialia will keep us posted.



The same problem for me. Did you fix that?


@Blue_Sialia is there anything new regarding this? Would love a time estimate of when the milestone including this issue is due :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, for me it happens in canvas+ and it is not possible for the user to listen to their own music at all while playing my game. It is not possible to unpause the music after launching my game. The user will have to either listen to the in-game music or play in silence (as I have an in-game mute audio option).

My game is a casual puzzle game and I’m sure you can imagine that this bug is a dealbreaker for users expecting to listen to their own music while playing. I have several complaints already and are loosing potential players. I really need a fix for this!


Hi @torgeha,

if the music of your app users is stopped by starting your app, they can go back to the os, resume their own music and go back to your app again. I tested this on android.

Most players wont do that, so it isn’t a real solution. :confused:

In conclusion. You are right. This is a very annoying bug since April 2016.
Some feedback from developers? @Blue_Sialia


Thanks for the input @matthias!

This does not work for me on either Android or iOS. When in the game, no music from other apps can be played, not even when trying to resume it.


Any @admins @moderators here? We really need your help!



We were in the process of reviewing this “issue” but for what I’ve seen the default behaviour for most games is just to stop the system music and play its music. Any example of a game that let both musics at the same time?.

The only possible option for this is just to not request the audio focus upon startup, but this means that your music won’t play or request it in duck mode were the system music lowers down and both musics play but this is considered a transient state.