User's music stops when game starts (reopened)



Thank you for your response. I tested some other games on android that moment.

I made a test on “Pokemon Go” and “Temple Run 2”. At both games i can still listen to my own music. I’m sure that i can test many other games and this should be the default behavior. At some games you can see that your own music volume changes down a little bit.


Is there any temporary work around for this?

Is there a way to not request the audio focus? I’m fine with a soundless app, users say they just want to play their own music. Cheers


I think there is no workaround :frowning:

I also think that you can’t setup the audio focus by yourself.

@imanolm1 Any news from developers? As mentioned in my last post here, other apps can do it :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe there is some cordova plugin that can surrender the audio focus? Is that possible?


I play games made with Intel xdk that work fine with music


You must do something with this this is necessary for all games


Download any game from Google play and that will play both music


As mentioned above in known apps like “Pokemon Go” and “Temple Run 2” it is also possible to hear your own music and ingame sound…

What is the problem with that transient state? Why we can’t use that in cocoon?


Is there anybody who can solve it this is the worst issue


I only know of the IOS plugin, sorry


any updates to the topic?


Hello all

Did anybody figure out what is the problem?
I am experiencing the same issue.

Thank you


That’s actually no issue. It’s wanted this way by the developer. @Blue_Sialia or @imanolm1 wrote earlier that ludei will address this with the next update. So we just need to stay patient.



My game has 3 comments (and lower ratings) about the inability to play background music:

Hope it’s not rude to link it here, but you can understand how badly this feature is needed.

And I’m probably showing my ignorance of how android works here, but even an option in the web-compiler for a ‘soundless app’ would be great.


Hi, has this issue had any progress, because a lot of my testers deem it to be a problem for the playerbase


Ludei is working on “2.2.0-beta”. You can select this version in your settings and test if it’s working now.



Hmm, doesn’t seem like it. Unless there’s an option I’m missing, or a piece of api I need to use.


doesn’t work. music pauses instantly when I start the game.


So how’s it going with the problem?


This issue is still here, users are very annoyed by this unfortunately.