User's music stops when game starts (reopened)


+1. When cocoon splash is being shown - music is playing. After that when the game starts - music stops.


I found that Unity had this issue last year. When users asked Unity to fix that - it was fixed as soon as possible. Here problem is not fixed yet. But users started to say about it more than year ago. It really will be great to fix that issue. Thanks


Really bad of cocoon here they maybe don’t know how to fix this still not fixed


this issue is going on for many days but there is no fix for cocoonio till now. how irresponsible its is


Still no solution available?


I tried phonegap and that is working but not in cocoon io :cry::cry:


any news? On 2.2.0 iOs builds work perfectly, but android still doesnt work.


I’m not 100% sure, but I hope it is fixed in the upcoming version 3.0.0. They made a big jump 2.3 -> 3.0.
Guess there are a lot of changes included.

We will see what the changelog brings.



it’s more funny if you sign in to cocoon io on mobile its also stop music that you playing from your mobile in background