<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE


Hello, friends!
There is a new problem, google the alert until March 15, to remove permission policy confidentiality.
I’m afraid we can not solve this problem without the intervention of Cocoon IO
I have tried many options yesterday.



Same issue with me…i also got email for most of my games
Do i need to recompile and submit again or add a privacy policy…coz one of my friend added that and his account got suspended so am kinda careful.

If any solution please let us know



Hello guys!,

That permission is only necessary for the Charboost plugin for Android. We will investigate if it can be removed. Until then you might want to reconsider using it.



I’m not using chartboost plugin but I’m using cordova unity ads instead,
How che I deal with this issue ?

  1. create html page on your site - policy.html
  2. content:

Privacy Policy

In our applications for Android, we use impersonal advertising ID to track the results of advertising campaigns, as well as to process and display advertising in applications that contain it. The same applies to the permission android.permission. READ_PHONE_STATE: it uses advertising platform, and uses it only in order to understand how and when to properly display or play advertising.

  1. add url policy in you app info and all by fine :slight_smile:


Fast and easy!
thanks :slight_smile:


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