Want to cancel my subscription but cocoon.io not responded for than 4 months now



I wrote my first email to cocoon support on 21st Aug 6, 2018, that I would not want to continue my subscription of Cocoon.io, so please cancel my subscription which was auto renewed, since I unable to delete or remove the payment method I set using my credit card. Now its been 4 months and I lost more than $56 because of auto debit from my credit card. requesting cocoon.io to look into this and refund $56.00 to my credit card and stop the subscription or delete my account itself.



sorry to hear that. Have you tried to downgrade your account?
You can do this here
Note, you must be logged in.

Just select the free plan. Then the subscription should stop. If this still doesn’t work,
maybe @imanolm1 or @Blue_Sialia can help you out on that matter.

Best regards


I tried it but says the change of plan can applicable only after the current billing cycle is generated, so I will lose again $14 for this month… I lost totally $70 including the current billing cycle… Also I wonder why you took 4 months to tell this information so I may lost so much money for not using the api.

Can you look into this and do the possible refunds to the credit card?

looking forward to hear a positive response!

Warm Regards,


sorry to hear that. I’m not an employee of ludei, I’m just helping out developers having technical problems here in the forum. So I do not have any access of mails you’ve sent to Ludei support.

I just can help you here in the forum.

However I already tagged the ludei team into it
@imanolm1 @andoni.martin @Blue_Sialia

Hopefully they can help you out with your concerns. Thanks for understanding,


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