WebView+ Error for iOS


Cocoon Version:

Basic description of the problem:
On iOS with WebView+, it shows “ERROR WARNING: CordovaLocalWebServer: tag src is not http://localhost[:port] (is index.html).”.

Webview seems to work, but not WebView+

Device info:
iOS 10.0.1

Webview engine(s):

Framework/game engine (if relevant):
Construct 2, latest

I’ve use WebView+ a few months ago, and it worked fine.
I tried it with a blank game, with just a sprite; it still produces this error.


Hi @mannybellais

which c2 version do you use exactly? The latest beta or stable? If beta, please try the stable version (r239).
Scirra has made some changes in the r240+ (WebGL 2.0). Maybe this could be the reason for this issue.

Moreover you can try to use the “2.1.0 (beta)” cocoon version in your project settings.



Hey! @andy_reitberger

I’m actually using r239, the latest stable version.
I’ve also tried your recommendation of using 2.1.0 (Beta) but the iOS compilation failed. (The Apple logo turns red)


@Blue_Sialia any ideas what the problem could be? I know that 2.1.0 supports iOS 10 now.
Maybe it’s a bug in the beta version?

I’ll try to build my games for iOS on the coming weekend. I’ll give you feedback if it worked out for me.



What log do you get?


I just ran in a similar issue.
@mannybellais have you “WKWebView” enabled at the Construct 2 export window?
If so, try to uncheck it and check your cocoon project and remove the “WKWebView Engine” plugin.



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