Webview+ not working with Construct 2 LocalStorage


So here´s my issue, I always use the Canvas+ options since everybody says it has better results on mobile, but in my actual project I need to use external xml files to change the language of my game more easily. So I started building with webview+ which support this featture, and everything worked fine, but now that I added the localStorage object on Construct 2 to save the game, it doesn´t work. On android I get a white screen, on iOS the game launches but It doesn´t save. I saw a post that talked about webview+ not supporting LocalStorage but it closed unresolved. Any suggestions or resolutions? Thanks!!!


I am having the same issue, It seems that neither the webstorage plugin or Localstorage plugins work on webview +.


Is this still hapenning in 2.1.0.


It’s still happening on my end, but only for iOS.



Although I’m not aware of how Construct 2 or those plugins work, I do know that iOS clears cordova localStorage at random. It’s considered highly volatile data by the OS, and it will be cleared whenever they feel the need for it.

That’s why for our projects I use NativeStorage (https://github.com/TheCocoaProject/cordova-plugin-nativestorage) Which writes data to the available app space instead of actual localStorage