Webview+ Still Not Compiling


How did u compiled with cocoon admob plugin? Can u please share that… And more importantly is that working?


I’m testing now for now I just wrote the plugins in the xml file as su cocoon


try also you insert the plugins that interest you in your file config.xml for example cocoon ads <plugin name = “cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob” spec = “1.0.12” and canvas + <plugin name = "com. ludei.canvasplus.android “spec =” * "


Didnt understand you correctly there but all the best man!
Also i dont think phone gap allows personal plugins in free version, so check that before you work hard on it…


on phonegap the canvas plugin does not work however webview works well test


it is useless to wait for cocoons as a minimum they will take a few weeks or months before they repair the damage


Hmm so wat do u suggest?, I mean webview works fine in cocoon too… And the compile error, ithink they must be working on it


use phonegap for now … because cocoon does not compile now


Ok thanks man,
Although I dont understand why cocoon team is behaving like this like they want this company to die, @andy_reitberger was so helpful, but now no one is out here … So bad


yes I can not even understand why Ludei is letting Cocoon die … it could be a great service …


Omg its been 48 hrs and compilation is stuck on android waiting…:sleepy:


same thing for me … when will they fix it?


Dont knw man, i feel really bad for those who paid for this service, where there is no service…


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