Which plugin for cordova dialer and Browser ? help!



I have installed this plugin and I have some events in C2 to dial a phone number directly. (yes I’m not making a game but a very special app… :wink: ) But the dial function doesn’t work when I test it on my phone. All my links using the traditionnal C2 browser don’t work either :frowning:

So 1) I have bought this plugin - cordova dialer :
Cordova Dialer: dial a phone number directly without user ineraction.
[android, ios] [cordova cli] [xdk] [cocoon]

  1. in Coccon Project, here all the, plugins installed automatically, but I don’t know which one to use and which ones to dete :slight_smile:


Media capture






And I don’t find the normal Browser C2 plugin either… weird…

Please help me. It’s quite urgent. Sorry but I’m a numb in plugins… :frowning:

P.S I’m have a Silver monthly subcription.

thx a lot for your help.



I guess the issue is Canvas+. Can you try WebView+? as WebView engine?



Sorry it didn’t work. I select Webview + in the Cocoon.io project though
But I didn’t use the cocoon canvas + in C2.

    In my “game” I just have the ordinary C2 browser plugin to use some Internet links by url. (Browser envent = Go to http:.url etcetc")
    it works perfectly when I test it on my computer but don’t react at all once I have compiled it in aspk with cocoon. Really don’t know what to do with this problem… :frowning:

  2. The cordova extension Dialer still doesn’t work. So either I need the righ plugin, or either maybe there is an other way to dial make an event to dial a phone number directly by Construct 2? Using the Browser maybe ?

In this case, I could solve my both problem in one shot and get a special cocoon browser maybe ?

thx for your advices



have you tried to install the core plugin “Inappbrowser” for your cocoon project?
Remember, if you are using Canvas+ use “CocoonCanvasPlus -> Open URL” and if you use WebView+ use “Browser - Open URL in new window”.

You can download an example here for canvas.


The needed plugins can be downloaded here.

About the Dialer. @cranberryga has a plugin for that. It’s included in his Cordova Plugin Package available on Sicrra.
I never have used it though.



Ok thank you. About the url is fixed now, thx very much.

About the dialer, yes I bought his plugin but if after the build when I test it on my phone that it doesn’t work. Yes for the name, I’ll try to write him a message directly about this problem.

thx have a good day


Ok @andy_reitberger

FInally I managed to delete the cramberry plugin, and I replace my phone call function with the browser (Execute javascript "window.open(‘tel:55555555’);"
And it works perfectly now ! :slight_smile:

BUT all my normal url browser doesn’t work when I built my app with coocon (If I built it with phonegap it works, wo it’s obviously a plugin problem)

I didn’t use canvasplus, but only the ordinary Browser. (simple events : Go to Url “http://blablabla

So here all my plugins in image attached. Please, could you help me a last time and tell me what’s wrong ? thx so much.


It’s actually no good idea to call javascript functions via the browser in your game.
You can try to remove the Crosswalk plugin. This conflicts with the Cocoon WebView plugin.

Regards Andy


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