Why I can't play a song(from another app) while playing my game(canvas +)?

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    my Song stopped playing when i opened the app

  • Device info:
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    android oreo

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    i can play both my favourite song and game

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    i didnt find the plugin yet. i hope we can share the plugin for android device here

  • Framework/game engine (if relevant):
    The Framework that you are using

I encountered this too, here's the answer that helped me: How to make android keep playing music while playing our Cocoon games?

thanks for the solutions
ya, my game can play its music but when it comes to music from another app it will stop the music when we open our games.
i want we can play music from another app while we’re playin’ our games(canvas+)
but it works with webview+
it’s okay for a simple and light game but not for the heavier game(for webview+, i think)

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