Will CocoonJS continue?


CocoonJS is truly awesome, I LOVE it… And considering the rise in Javascript and HTML5 games in general, CocoonJS should be very successful and should thrive … But doesn’t seem like it.

For some time now we are not getting any assurance from CocoonJs Devs about very important things that are badly needed…such as ios 11 sdk support + iPhone X screen issues + Android minimum SDK support to API level 26 + recent version’s Audio issue…

So I’m very worried . . . Will CocoonJS Continue ??? I want this to Continue and I understand if Ludei can’t do enough business with it they may not continue it . . .

Can anyone from Ludei / CocoonJS team please tell us anything about this… Should I be worried or should I continue using this awesome technology ? How can we, the users help out ?

Waiting for someone’s response… Thanks.


Same concern here…@andy_reitberger @Blue_Sialia @imanolm1 anything guys??


Sadly I have no information about this. Hopefully someone from ludei will make a statement soon…

Thank you!