Will the plugins be updated to the new cocoon update?


I cant add the ads plugin and I know its not easy to update all the ads but I was wondering If there were any updates on this?

Also are there any alternatives that work with cocoon


They may possibly be looking into the fix for the CocoonAds plugin already as alot of people me included cannot use Cocoonads Cocooninapps cocoonsocial plugin. Hopefully it is soon


Do you know any other ways to monetize an app in construct 2?


You can still use Cocoon ads you will have to downgrade the cocoon version to 2.2.0 then you have to downgrade the cocoon ads version to a lower version. This will not give you the latest updates like gdpr or the new googleplay restriction to api 26 but the older version does barely pass so its still fine to use it


Unfortunately I need to get pass the restriction to API 26 :I


Ah seems I wrote it wrong the older cocoon supports api 26 if you go to config.xml it’s stated as so


say what now!! Im gonna go try that


Also thank you! :slight_smile:


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