Windows size trouble


I builded my game construct 2 game with cocoon and it not look good on my samsung galaxy s3. See the image by clicking on this link:


Hi @tchokoapps

We’ll need some more information why this is happening. Please always use the “Troubleshooting” template if you post an issue (Just select the Troubleshooting category when positng an issue).

The best is to provide a capx example. But in your case I guess that you just need to switch to “Canvas+” and check if WebGL is on.



Where to check if WebGL is on?


See your project settings in your Construct 2 project :wink:


WebGL is on. I think I have an another problem.


Then check your cocoon project settings.
Under WebView Engine set “Canvas+”.



I did that already and still have problem.


Then please share a test case here. If you don’t want to share your whole project, then you can build a minimalistic capx file with the same issue.



Ok I made everything from here and now Canvas is working:


I’m glad to hear that.

I’ll close this topic then.