.xarchive instead of .ipa


Is anyone these days trying to compile to .ipa? Whatever I do with my ios signing keys, Cocoon gives me .xarchive. The same keys and package works just fine on PhoneGap.


You’d better use Phonegap for the time being … until Cocoon is updated


Thnaks for replying. I know Cocoon has many problems now, but my app’s performance is too bad on PhoneGap for iOS. Even with the use of WKWebView.
Same code compiles with many problems on PhoneGap - no audio volume control, different text position, animations lag, audio quality, etc…

Do you use PhoneGap for your games now and so you exeprience any problems?


no with phonegap I had no problems but I did not work some plugins … and then I switched to Cocoon but I noticed that the performance is worse … anyway I use Construct 2 as a program?


Maybe the reason it works for you is that you use Construct. I use JS + impactJS.
I got my app working somehow on iOS but on Android it gets 7% crashes with PhoneGap. Must be the WebView overloading performance IMO. So I’m again trying to compile wiith Cocoon, this time for Android.

Anyway, thanks for your input and best of luck.


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