You can easily build apk file with admob ads in android studio 3

i make my construct 2 game in android studio 3 but audio is not playing. other all things, admob and graphics are running well but only issue is audio. anyone guide me how to set audio in android studio 3

I had the same problem
When i preview it on the pc
But when i build the apk there was sound
Did you build the apk?

yes i build the apk from android studio but when i install this game. sound not playing.
can you tell me where you add the construct 2 export media file ogg. in android studio platform.
because i read many articles they use sound file in res-raw folder but i don’t know how to proper use ogg. file in android studio

how admob will work when using android studio 3 ? how to put ads between levels for example any tutorial please ?

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