Zoko & The fireflies [ adventure game ]



i’m here to present you my current work on Zoko & The fireflies

Zoko is an adventure game , Zoko is the main character , he’s mission is to save all his friends fireflies
The game is like a crash bandicoot / mario game , based on world / level with boss

Here is some pics on our website : http://zoko.toofoo.com/

We are not using any framework, and we use box2d for physics

Game will be in French (our language) , English, Spanish, Portugesh , Dutch and Italian (may be more after)
We hope to publish it on Google Play and Apple AppStore

I will soon provide you in game video and hope you’ll enjoy it

Best regards


Looks great, willing to see the game published!


Zoko is now published

More than a year after my first message here … ^^