Zombies Attack - Apocalypse (Beta)


Hi :slight_smile:

I recently have published my next game in beta on Google Play :slight_smile: It would be highly appreciated to get your feedback.

Download Android Beta: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.shatterbox.zombieattack
Download iOS Beta: coming soon

The game isn’t 100%, so if you figure out any issues or if you have suggestions to make the game better, feel free to reply here. It will help me a lot to improve the game.


  • Online Leaderboard provided by Google Play Games / Game Center
  • Free coins for watching rewarded ads (Chartboost)
  • Enhanced touch control
  • Endless game fun
  • Cool sound effects and fancy graphics (See credits in game)

@part12studio @cranberryga @civil.war.general.ro @jook00 @jg_development @Aoshia @gruppoeya @stranger_man7 @norman74rus @Solobot_GameStudio @machpandy @tributorock @arcadesind @hasan @lukasinspace
It would be great to hear what you think about the game :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Frustration with cocoon io and their canvas+ performance

awesome thanks man. i don’t have my android phone with me but i have
signed up for the beta when i get home


Andy_reitberger wrote:


Great! Thank you :slight_smile: Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:



Cool, this game looks promising!


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll relase a new update in a few days :slight_smile:


Awesome game Andy.

Here’s some of my feedback:

  • The amount of buttons or UI of buttons feels a little overwhelming on the title screen. Maybe make play button the main large button?
  • 1/2 pixel vertical line artifact on bottom left of the title screen
  • When clicking on Play, the menu that slides up should be a little quicker. Maybe double the speed?
  • When selecting character, I did not know how to start. I thought clicking the character would start. I assumed the play button on the right was to scroll right for more characters. Not to start.
  • When clicking Start, the game pauses/freezes for a little bit to load the layout. Should have a loading animation/text even though it will freeze between layouts.
  • For most users who want to skip the long How To tutorial, it’s hard to figure out how to reload the gun. It seems to work sometimes, but other times, I’m clicking on the button that says Reload, but nothing happens.
  • There doesn’t seem to be enough empty space to touch the screen to walk left and right as the shoot buttons locations are a bit in the way.
  • Having shoot buttons on both sides of the screen make it feel like the left button will shoot left and the right button will shoot right. I recommend to put left and right controls on the left of the screen and one shoot button on the right of the screen like traditional controls (think metroid or other common 2d platformers)
  • When clicking on the two icons on the top right, nothing seems to happen. It takes a bit longer to make the menu pop up. Maybe add a touch state? Same seems to happen the first time I click on Pause. After I unpause, the pause shows up quicker.
  • When I get hit by a few zombies, my health drops low. However, the next zombie I hit, my health goes up 100%.
  • Should make it obvious when you get hit by a zombie. Maybe make the character flash white real quick or have character animation where he get’s hit.
  • Zombies seem to rapidly go left and right when right on top of character. Instead, they should pause and run random few steps either left or right and then back again when overlapping the character.

Hope this helps! Great start!


Hi @jook00

thank you for your honest feedback :slight_smile: I’ll work your suggestions out for the next update! The game is in early beta and I haven’t had much time the last weeks.

  • When I get hit by a few zombies, my health drops low. However, the next zombie I hit, my health goes up 100%.

This is because you have medipacks. The will be used automatically if your life drops below 0.

Thank you!